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Virtual Calling Card

Enjoy GiConnect rates from any telephone. Call to anywhere in the world, from over 60 countries. Create your own personal prepaid calling card!

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Local Access Countries List
User Guide
Print and Manage Virtual Calling Card


Login at www.giconn.com.
Login by using your 10-digit account no. and username.
Click "Virtual Card" from the menu located at the left hand side.
Click "Add Access Number" to add Local access number on the card.
Select country then click "Add Extra Access Number".
  Go back to Virtual Card with User name, Account Number, and Access Number.
  Print the Virtual Card.
How to use the Virtual Card?


  Dial the Local Access Number.
  At the prompt, Dial you Virtual Card number (which is also your account number).
  Dial the number you wish to dial, followed by #. A voice prompt will tell you how many minutes you have available.

To make another call without hanging up, press ##
To reload your account, go to www.giconn.com, and select the Reload button.