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USB Speaker Phone - $110.00

Make calls from any computer with this revolutionary phone. Plug it into the USB port while you are on the Internet and dial away. Calls to other GiConnect users are free! Perfect enhancement for your calling plan of choice.

Driver for Windows XP Only
Softphone Instructions
Call Rate
1 - Can I use a dialup connection to use the USB Phone
Yes, any internet connection of a speed of at least 28.8 kbps will work. Broadband connections work best because they are faster.
2 - What is the difference between the USB Phone and a microphone and headset?
  Both will work, but you get better voice quality on the USB Phone because of its noise cancelling feature and high quality speakers and microphone.
3 - I don't have Windows XP, do I need to download a driver to use the USB Speakerphone.
  No, no driver is required.  The USB Speaker phone is a plug and play device and works like a microphone and speakers.  The dialpad will not work without the driver, however you may dial phone numbers using your mouse with the dialpad of the softphone.