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All GiConnect services include: Online Call Details - Conference Calling - Speed Dial


Widget - $65

JUST PLUG IT INTO ANY 1 OR 2 LINE PHONE.  For home, hotel, cottage, dorm etc. and save up to 80% on your local and long distance calls. No Internet, No Computer, No broadband, just a phone!

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Voip Adapter - $65+ $22.95/month

Home phone service with Unlimited calling to USA and Canada using your cable or DSL Internet connection. 



·         Voip Adapter

·         USA Phone Number

·         or Keep Your Existing Number

·         Voicemail + Many Features

·         Softphone for calling from PC

·         No Activation Fee!

·         No Commitment!

·         No Credit Check!

·         No Contract!

·         No Added Taxes or Fees!

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$2 Phone Line - $2/month

·Voip Phone Line with Generic USA Phone Number

· Unlimited Incoming Calls

· Unlimited Calls to Other $2 Phone Lines

· Use with Voip Adapter, GiCell, TriNet, Softphone, USB Phone

· Outgoing calls at Voip Rates